Altar Guild

Preparation of the Altar

Zion is blessed with a faithful and dedicated Altar Guild.

What's an altar guild and what do they do?
Zion's altar guild cares for the most important furniture in the church: the Altar, Font, Pulpit, and Lectern. Why are these the most important pieces? Because God's Word and Sacraments are given here!

Zion's Altar Guild ensures that the paraments, candles, Communion ware, Baptismal ware, and banners are lovingly and reverently cared for.  Who changes the paraments?  The Altar Guild.  Who washes the Communion Ware? The Altar Guild. Who fills the Altar Candles with oil?  The Altar Guild.  Who polishes the candles?  The Altar Guild.  Who washes the linens?  The Altar Guild. Get the idea?  They're the behind-the-scenes workers who ensure that God's House is appropriately adorned. Praise God for Zion's faithful Altar Guild.

They meet every second Tuesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. (except during the summer months). 

Want to learn more? Call the church office or drop us an email through the "contact us" link.

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