Fellowship club

Posted December 7, 2021

Fellowship Club and Friends
The December meeting will take place on Monday, December 13, at NOON instead of 1:30 p.m. at the Riggert home.


Posted November 30, 2021

Ladies Guild quilters have been making toddler/children quilts. If your child or a child you know can use a quilt, take it and gift it. When it is gone, another will appear to gift another child. Look for the quilt on the display case by the door leading  to the parking lot.

Practice times for Christmas Program

Posted November 9, 2021

Check out the change in times for 2nd-8th Grade Christmas program practice:
Sunday, December 5th & 12th Rehearsals                         

10:15 am-12:15 pm

(Students to classrooms at 10:15 and enter the nave @ 10:30 with their teachers)

 Sunday, December 19th Dress Rehearsal      

10:15-11:15 am                                                                                                          

(Students go to classrooms to put on t-shirts 1st and line up to enter sanctuary with teachers)

 Sunday, December 19th Program         

6:00 pm Prelude soloists

6:30 pm Preschool Program with 2nd-8th Grade Program following

Voters' meeting

Posted November 5, 2021

Zion’s Annual Voters’ Meeting will be December 12 after the worship service

Building Healthy Families

Posted June 9, 2021

Did You Know: What do the “Mona Lisa,” “Starry Night,” and you all have in common? All are masterpieces! Although the famous paintings were created by Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh, an even greater Artist created you: God!  He formed you in your mother’s womb and knew you before you were born. He loves what He has created…you! “For we are God’s handiwork...” Ephesians 2:10 Lutheran Family Service -

Staying Connected to Zion

Posted March 31, 2021

  1. If you have internet access of any kind (smartphone, tablet, computer), you can view any of Zion’s recent services, daily prayers, Bible studies (and other videos) through You Tube or Zion’s Facebook page, even if you don’t have a Facebook account, by following the steps below:

1)     Go to Zion’s homepage (

2)     Click on “Links” (near the top of the page)

3)     On the Links page, click on “Facebook Link.”

4)     On the Facebook page, click on “video” to select a service, prayer, or other video.

If you have internet access but can’t get this to work for you, call the church office for assistance!

  1. If you would like to have printed copies of the sermons mailed to you, or to pick them up in the office, just notify the church office! (712) 655-2352
  1. DVDs of the services are also available to be mailed or picked up. 
  1. If you need anything, please call the church office (or email: We have members who work in Carroll and/or are willing to drive there to pick up prescriptions, groceries, etc., and deliver them to your door. And, your pastor is always happy to listen to your concerns and/or to pray with you over the phone!       
  1. Prayer is powerful, and also a great way to stay connected to the ministry of the Church and to your fellow believers! And your continued faithful giving will allow the mission of the Church to go forward during this crucial time.

Zion's App

Posted March 31, 2021

Take Zion with you all week with our mobile app! Download “The Church App” on your smart phone, tablet, etc from your app store (the symbol is a gray cross in a white square) and choose Zion.  You can watch sermons and videos, check upcoming events, give online, listen as the Bible is read to you, and follow various  links to Zion's website/facebook page and more.


Posted March 16, 2021

Sunday mornings after worship for Bible study via Facebook Live

Also, check out Trinity, Manilla’s Facebook page for additional resources.

You can also access all these on You Tube.  Search for Zion Manning and look for the picture of our church.

Manning Food Pantry

Posted January 14, 2021

Manning Food Pantry:Current needs include:  Flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, ketchup, jelly, juice, hamburger helper, muffin mix, applesauce, block cheese, pickles, mustard, pizza crust, cereal, shredded cheese, chicken, hamburger, laundry detergent and empty boxes.  Reminder: The food pantry cannot accept any expired food.

The Pantry is available to anyone living in the IKM-Manning School District.  If you know of anyone who needs food assistance, encourage them to contact New Opportunities at 712-792-9266.

Preparing for worship

Posted January 14, 2021

Preparing for Worship: 
Readings for December 12 (Third Sunday in Advent): Zephaniah 3:14–20, Philippians 4:4–7, Luke 7:18–28
Readings for December 19 (Fourth Sunday in Advent): Micah 5:2–5a, Hebrews 10:5–10, Luke 1:39–45
Readings for December 26 (First Sunday after Christmas):Exodus 13:1–3a, 11–15, Colossians 3:12–17, Luke 2:22–40


Posted October 8, 2020

Resources for Individuals and Families:

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